ChildCare Lets Me Work – Digital Toolkit

ChildCare Lets Me Work Campaign – Instructions

Thank you so much for joining us in this effort to highlight the essential nature of childcare and Early Childhood Education to our US Senators and Representatives!

This toolkit includes everything you need to participate in a #ChildCareLetsMeWork event.

In preparation for the event, please send out the Letter to Families prior to your event to let them know about this campaign.  You may want to include the list of social media handles for our legislators as well.

On the day of the event, provide stickers at drop off and ask families to fill in the name of your center/home provider or the name of a teacher who is important in their lives.  Then ask them to either snap a photo and post to their preferred social media platforms, tagging our legislators, or ask if you can take a photo to post.  We want the stickers to be visible in the photos, so if families don’t want their faces shown, ask if you can just photograph the sticker itself and post it. There are sample social media posts included in the toolkit as well.  Use those to promote our message as well.

In addition to tagging our legislators, please use the following hashtags in your posts:




Use the #ChildCareLetsMeWork sticker as your social media profile picture!

Customize the badge with your program’s name on it using our #ChildCareLetsMeWork – BadgeMaker.

Thank you so much for being an advocate for early childhood educators and for families and children in South Carolina.  The more we flood the legislative offices with messaging, the more they will pay attention.  It may seem like a small effort, but the impact could be HUGE!


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